I’m a freelance writer with over a decade of experience. I’ve written about everything from cellphones to amusement parks to dog concierges at fine hotels. I’ve made every single one sound amazing. I can do the same thing for your product, service, or company.


I’ve fulfilled a wide variety of content generation needs for such clients as Wirefly, BLINQ, Outspoken Media, Co-Creative Marketing, Mukava LLC, and many others. When you hire me, you get a writer with flexibility, integrity, speed, and personal attention to each client’s needs.

What kind of subjects do I write about? Here are just a few:

  • technology

    A decade of experience with writing about tech: from cell phone copy for Wirefly to consumer technology for BLINQ.

  • Ghost writing

    I specialize in ghost writing SEO content for technology and lifestyle blogs.

  • travel writing

    I write about places I’ve never been for transportation and travel companies.

“I hired Dan as a freelance writer to support our content strategy at Wirefly.com, and found him a delight to work with. He always delivered consistently and on time, making sure he fully understood the task at hand before coming back with work that required little or no editing. I always appreciated the extra research he did to make sure the content he created for us was accurate, credible and thoughtful. I would not hesitate to work with Dan again.” – Melanie Phung, Content Strategy Consultant, Orange Spark Digital

“Dan has that rare gift of being able to bridge the chasm between raw writing talent and understanding technical subjects. He’s able to dive into new subject matter quickly and produce technically-adept work while still retaining a writer’s creative sensibilities. I’ve found this is a difficult balance, with many technical writers lacking flair and many creative writers lacking the tolerance for technical work under other people’s requirements.” – Dr. Pete Meyers, Marketing Scientist, Moz

“Daniel and I worked together when I was an Account Manager at Outspoken Media and we currently work together in my new position as a Digital Marketing Consultant and Contractor. Daniel is my go-to person for a variety of content needs. He not only provides high-quality content, but content that’s effective for marketing goals and initiatives. Whether the content is entertaining, informative, educational or technical, Daniel excels at it all and I highly recommend him for any content needs!” – Amy Marshall, Co-Creative Marketing

“Dan was one of my freelance writers when I managed editorial content for BLINQ.com. His turn-around time for blog posts was phenomenally quick without compromising quality. Whenever I was in a pinch, and needed content fast, I could always trust that he could write a well thought-out, informative and witty blog post on a variety of topics from the very technical to lighter feel-good posts. I highly recommend him and I hope to work with him again in the future!” – Dianna Leyton, Marketing Strategist

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